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stations. fox5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. there's a live shot, yeah, that's a great picture. we do have fog out there. mainly along the river. it's going to be a nice day today. this is friday, october 12th, 2012. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm alison seymour. i think it could be dare i say snowing out there and we'd still be exciting. little fog, nothing. >> yeah, we can deal with that. >> tucker barnes is here with us to tell us what we can expect later. >> good morning, everybody. very cool start. lots of 30s. bring along a jacket. should be a good looking friday with plenty of sunshine. cloud cover out into portions of pennsylvania and ohio. that's our next cold front. that will get in here later today. bottom line in the forecas today, plenty of sunshine. it will become breezy along and
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behind that front later, and our winds could gust around here later this afternoon into the upper 20s and low 30s. blustery late afternoon. 47 in washington. check out dulles, 36 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 40 at bwi marshall. plenty of sunshine today. highs in the mid-60s. going to be a cold one tonight. we've got a freeze watch for much of the area. going to the nationals' game, cold there as well. might want to get ready for that. that's a look at weather. let's do traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> on the roads it's been busy traveling out of virginia along 95 and 395. accident at quantico cleared. lanes are opened. northbound 395, the crew in skyfox, past edsel road to duke street. heavy volume. 95 slow continuing out of dale city. accident cleanup northbound on
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5. follow police direction to get by. downtown, inbound pennsylvania avenue blocked on the susa bridge. about eight vehicles involved in the crash. all vehicles coming inbound diverted. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. looking up, way back, it's gone! [ applause ] >> he is worth every penny, jayson werth, the nats' $126 million man coming up huge with the game and really the postseason on the line. his bottom of the 9th walkoff solo homerun, the 13th pitch of the at bat gives the nats the 2- 1 win over the cardinals and sends the series to a game five tonight. >> that game gets underway
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tonight at 8:37. gonzalez will be back on the mound. >> speaking of pitching, nats' bullpen deserves as much as the credit last night, striking out nine batters in the last three innings. >> for more on last night's game and a look ahead at tonight, we turn it over to dave ross live at nats' park. good morning. >> reporter: you nailed it on the head, the bullpen was sensational last night. think about this, if strasburg was on this roster and he was pitching, detweiler would not have taken to the mound last night. he got inserted because of strasburg being shut down and boy did he hold his own in a big, big way. allowed three hits and one run and it was unearned. so basically, nobody could have done it better than detweiler. got it done defensively. detweiler was the shining star
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early. bullpen took over late. how about desmond? top of the 9th, he doesn't make it play, the cardinals take the lead. he lays out and makes the great catch over his shoulder and sets the stage for jayson werth and that epic 13-pitch at bat. on the 13th pitch, the man making $126 million, worth every penny. there it goes, into the bullpen and the nats celebrate a walkoff win. their first home win in the history of the nationals here, which means we've got a game five tonight. if you can believe it, gio gonzalez, the other ace of the nats, will take to the hill tonight. 8:37is the first pitch. we do have people that are already lining up, trying to get the standing room only tickets. got about, i'd say five or six or seven now, the crowd
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starting to grow as we hit 7:00. they're waiting for the tickets to go on sale. and no, tony and wisdom, if he's still there, i'm not waiting in line for wisdom. maybe tony and allison, but i don't know about wisdom yet. >> all right, dave, thank you. i could watch that whole game all over again. i really could. thank you, dave. >> thanks, dave. as you can imagine, nats fans went wild last night. our cameras were outside nats park. the general consensus is that the team is not done. there is one more to win. we think we can get it done. also, more high drama for our friends to the north. orioles facing elimination last night against the yankees. tied in the 13th, when hardy hit a double to left. turned out to be the winning one. o's force a game five in new york tonight. now turning to other big stories, the other big story of
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the day, the clashes at last night's vice presidential debate. the two candidates really went after each other. >> vice president joe biden very aggressive with congressman paul ryan. let's get the latest from sherri ly. >> it was a heated debate with the two clashing over everything from libya to medicare. because this was their only matchup before the election, both biden and ryan were under the gun last night to strike hard and fast. >> reporter: from the moment they settled into their seats here, you knew this would be a tough night. vice president joe biden under pressure to help his ticket recover from last week's presidential debate was forceful and aggressive. >> with all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey. >> reporter: but watching on a split screen, it may have hardened partisans on both sides. with biden on the attack, but often seen laughing and interrupting ryan. >> mr. vice president, i know
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you're under a lot of duress -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: ryan lit the administration over last month's u.s. consulate attack in libya that killed four americans. >> we're watching the unraveling of the obama foreign policy, which is making the world more chaotic and us less safe. >> reporter: but biden brought up mitt romney's comments at least five times about the 47% of americans who have become again on government. >> i've had it up to here about the 47%. it's time they took responsibility. >> i think the vice president knows sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way sometimes. >> reporter: president obama made anen unusual late night statement as he returned to the white house after campaigning in florida. >> i thought joe biden did great, and i couldn't be
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prouder. >> the white house is trying to play this up, even releasing a photograph of the president watching the debate last night on air force one. he and mitt romney, meantime, are preparing for their next debate on tuesday, one of the final two between the president and governor romney. that's the latest on the debate. allison, back to you. >> sherri ly, thank you. the debate moderator martha raddic is getting praise and criticism for her role. the senior foreign affairs correspondent for abc news took a forceful approach to moderating the debate. she's winning reviews on social media for trying to keep the candidates to specifics. she's also getting complaints from republicans. thank you, allison. new this morning, the 2012 nobel peace prize has been announced in norway. it is being awarded to the european union for its role in uniting the continent. it was founded in 1957 with six
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countries. it's expanded to 27 since the end of the cold war. the announcement today played down the debt crisis, which is plaguing europe now. the head of the selection committee said it was a unanimous and fairly easy decision. a muslim advocacy group will launch its ad campaign in response to the anti-jihad ads put up on metro stations last week. the council plans to reveal the ads today. last week a judge ruled metro must allow the ads to be put up. the group says the new ads will promote understanding and challenge hate towards the muslim religion. the board that oversees metro has released a report slamming council member jim graham for what they say is mixing city business with metro business. the report accuses graham of trying to dissuade a potential metro land developer by offering a potentially lucrative deal. he says he has no recollection
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of it, but points out the report didn't point out criminal activity was involved. nearly a month after the death of the panda cub, we know what killed the bear. zoo officials say a liver problem and under developed lungs are the cause. the mother is getting back to normal and the exhibit is back open. natitude hits fever pitch and with game five on a friday night expect big crowds. >> after two days of smooth rides on metro, tonight could be a different story. >> how a 4-year-old managed to survive a 90-foot plunge from an apartment window. >> live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie. that's next. it's 7:10. 48degrees. we'll be right back. ostopped lookin forork. they're suffering in this country.
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the president would prefer raising taxes. the problem with raising taxes is that it slows down the rate of growth. i'm not going to raise taxes on anyone, because when the economy's growing slow like this, when we're in recession you shouldn't raise taxes on anyone. my plan is to bring down rates to get more people working. my priority is putting people back to work in america. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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making headlines, in montgomery county a 4-year-old boy is recovering after falling 90 feet from a window. it happened yesterday at the montgomery parks apartments. authorities say he fell from a 9th story window but a tree broke his fall. police say he was alert and talking in the ambulance. they are investigating if he was home alone or supervised when it happened. authorities looking for a missing 10-year-old colorado girl are asking the public for help in finding a suspect. a body was discovered 7 miles from where jessica ridgeway disappeared last friday. police are working to identify the remains, but they say they are still searching for jessica. in the meantime, the fbi is asking area residents to be on alert, saying a change in someone's behavior and habits could indicate their involvement. in syria, the rebels say they have taken control of a
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strategic town that links the capital of damascus to aleppo. they claim to have seized an air base. russia is demanding answers after turkey intercepted a suspicious airliner yesterday that reportedly had military communications equipment, jammers and parts of a missile on board. wow. 7:15 now. tucker is back. >> good morning, nice and cool out there. temperatures overnight in the mid-30s across much of the region. >> chilly. >> guess what's coming in later tonight? >> what? >> even colder temperatures. >> you were talking about a frost earlier, right? >> we have a freeze watch. 47 in washington. most of the region here basking in chilly october air. 36 in culpeper. 39 in martinsburg this morning. cumberland, 34. the temperatures overnight getting a chance to bottom out with generally clear skies.
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off to the north and west cold front approaching. that's going to bring us some gusty winds around here later this afternoon and reinforce the cool air. after enjoying daytime highs in the mid-60s, we'll bottom out again later tonight. all of us i think will be in the 30s overnight. and parts of the area flirting with the freezing mark during the early morning hours tomorrow. in fact, cold enough that we've got our first freeze watch close to the metro area here later tonight. you can see the counties to our west. so much of northern virginia and north central maryland under that freeze watch early tomorrow morning. basically this is a heads up. if you have tender vegetation, cover them up or get them inside if you can, because the growing season will come to a sudden and immediate halt if the temperatures dips below 32 for any period of time. let's talk weekend. 65 today. saturday and sunday look great.
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sunday afternoon, 72. redskins game sunday afternoon as well. nats' game tonight, cold. in the 40s. >> that is going to feel cold. >> looking at the week ahead, potentially more nationals' games. >> fingers crossed. >> thanks, tuck. >> let's go to julie wright now. >> just a little too busy for a friday if you ask me. lots happening now. skyfox headed up to an accident reported on the northbound side of the bw parkway. northbound side of the highway. now it's very busy downtown. we have reports of eight vehicles involved in this crash, inbound pennsylvania avenue headed for the bridge. for a while, all traffic diverted to southbound 295. no longer the case. at least one lane is open on the sousa bridge. all lanes here are open. southbound 270 better than what you think at this hour. debris reported in the road. it's been cleaned up and out of
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the way. traffic heavy and slow, 19 miles per hour. traffic slowing passing 109. home free until you hit montrose road where you hit a backup. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. turning to other sports headlines, check this out, the tennessee titans pulled off a thursday night upset beating the steelers. matt hasselbeck threw a 5-yard touchdown and a 30-yard field goal in the final seconds to win. 26-23 the final score. the redskins will try to shake off last week's loss to the falcons. >> this week the vikings come to town. the vikings are among the surprise teams this season coming in with a 4-1 record and a 3-game winning streak. it begins with the pregame show at 11:30, followed by fox news
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sunday at noon. and the game at 4:25. >> another note, rg3 practiced yesterday and says he feels good. if he has no setbacks from last week's concussion, he'll likely get the start sunday. coming up next, a warning for nats' fans. metro may be your best bet to get to the game, but getting home may be a different story. >> really? later, we'll go live to ed's plant world, where holly is teaming up with derek thomas to learn how to give your home a makeover for fall. it's 7:19. we'll be right back. this year, america's privately-owned freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network.
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that's like building 4 nat's stadiums, 5 wilson bridges, and 8 dc convention centers...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers.
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but he's really creating debt. the facts are clear. obama's four deficits are the four largest in us history. he's adding almost as much debt as all 43 previous presidents -- combined. and over 30 cents of every dollar obama spends is borrowed. much of it from countries like china.
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he's not just wasting money, he's borrowing it and then wasting it. we can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney that's like launching 4 mars rovers, 10 gps satellites, and 20 space shuttles ...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers. a former prince george's county bus driver convicted of intentionally driving into a building is expected to learn her fate today. she is 41-year-old teresa douglas and drove her bus
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through the employee lounge at the bus lot last september. authorities say she posted on facebook the night before she was tired of fighting and was ready to go to jail. she faces up to 53 years behind bars when sentenced today. monitoring metro this morning, a heads up for nats' fans going to tonight's game, weekend work on metro is scheduled to begin at 10:00 tonight. that's of course about two hours before the game will be letting out. trains on the red line will single track between gross nor and twin brooke. thousands will walk towards a cure this weekend in the annual susan g. komen 3-day 60- mile walk for breast cancer. it kicked off a short time ago and will end sunday at the washington monument. the money raised during the
7:24 am
events will go towards breast cancer research and out reach groups. registration is still open. still ahead, the running mate rumble. >> we're going to sit down with steven dennis about last night's debate. >> but first, there's the park, look at that. it's always interesting, the morning after so much drama and there it sits. tucker and julie will be back with another check on traffic and weather. right now, it's 7:24. you're watching fox 5 morning news. ♪ you don't know where you're going now ♪ but you know you won't be back ♪ well, darling, lay your head upon my chest ♪ ♪ we'll take ♪
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man: to some people, social security is just a number. but to me, it's money that i earned. i count on social security. and i don't want washington politicians like george allen... privatizing it. if george allen wants to risk his own money on wall street... that's fine. but i don't want him risking mine. george allen just isn't watching out for us. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message. welcome back. it's 7:27. we have special news to share about a member of the fox 5 family. >> happy news. annie yu, who you have seen fill in for holly before and
7:28 am
hosts our weekly pet segments on mondays is a new mommy. she and her husband welcomed a baby girl yesterday. everyone is doing great this morning. congratulations. >> very wonderful. that's great. >> enjoy that little baby. >> annie is such a hard workerrer -- >> yes. >> and so dedicated. she came to work yesterday and said, i don't feel great and left and had a baby. >> and had a baby, right. >> congratulations. >> she gets to go home early. >> we'll see if it's good enough for the folks upstairs. >> fill out your paperwork. >> kidding. >> we're so happy. so cute. >> tony stirring up the pot on a friday. >> it's what tony does. >> it's just a little joke. >> it's why we love tony. >> yesterday was sweatshirt weather, but bring a jacket tonight at the nats' game. chilly with temperatures at game time probably in the low 50s. quickly falling into the 40s. going to be a breeze around as
7:29 am
well. i think it will feel cool out there. hopefully the bats will be hot. get it? will feel cool as we get into game time tonight. should be fine. expecting clear skies and quiet conditions, though a bit of a breeze. we are nice and cool. 47 now in washington. sun is unofficially. should start to warm things up shortly. 39 in gaithersburg this morning. 36 in manassas. dulles, 36 degrees. 39 in fredericksburg. chilly start. lots of 30s. cumberland, maryland, 34 degrees. awfully close to freezing. later tonight and early saturday morning we'll get close to freezing. generally north and west of 95. because of that we have a freeze watch which goes in effect later tonight. the headsup here, if you have tender vegetation, cover it up or get it inside as we get into the overnight hours, coldest air of the season set to arrive. cold front to the northwest, here's the good news, we'll be looking at generally sunny
7:30 am
skies today. rain showers will stay to our north. but as we get into the afternoon we'll see a few clouds associated with a cold front and our breezes will pick up. that's how you know the cold front is coming through, the wind will start to gust out of the north and west. some of the breezes will be with us at game time. that's why it will feel extra chilly tonight for the game. here's your forecast for today, good looking day. 65 your daytime high. winds out of the north and west at about 5 to 10. gusting later this afternoon with the passage of that cold front to about 30 miles per hour. even with temperature in the mid-60s, will feel cooler than that later today. becoming breezy with the cold front arriving again later this afternoon. tonight we'll be plain old cold. 39 # the overnight low. temperatures across much of the area north and west of the city will be very close to the freezing mark tomorrow morning. freeze watch north and west, montgomery county, loudoun county in virginia under that
7:31 am
freeze watch. clear and cold overnight. here's your accu weather seven- day forecast, and after a chilly one overnight tonight, we'll warm up this weekend. saturday and sunday, bright sunshine. warmer by sunday afternoon. highs in the low 70s. could be a few showers around here on monday. that's the next chance of rain not until monday. that's a look at weather. back to you at the desk. >> thank you very much. we want to take a moment to correct something we reported a couple of moments ago, an update from metro. we reported track work scheduled for tonight and obviously we've got the nats' game, and that could delay your trip home. no. metro had previously decided that they would delay the traffic work in the event of a friday night game, and that is what they will do. so no delays in metro tonight due to any track work. they're delaying that. we apologize for the misinformation. >> that's great, welcomed news. >> very good.
7:32 am
all right. julie wright is standing by, she's got a look at this traffic on a friday morning. hey, julie. >> not quite sure what's happening on the roads on a friday. it's been busy for our friends traveling northbound on i-95. like the third accident we've had this morning. northbound i-95 at the prince william parkway. three cars involving. squeezing the left lane for those northbound out of dale city. heavy and slow northbound on i- 95 through woodbridge. congested towards duke street on 395. delays continuing north of landmark heading north to seminary road. traffic slows again over the inbound 14th street bridge. top stretch of the beltway, no problems from college park. this is just volume. northbound bw parkway between powder mill and 197, whatever was there has cleared. southeast washington, 8 car pileup tying up the commute.
7:33 am
some traffic getting by under police direction. 295 a better drive. south capital street looks good over the douglas bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you, julie. as we told you at the top of the hour, the thrill in the ville as it was called lived up to the hype. joe biden and paul ryan sparred over everything. if it wasn't what each candidate said, it was how they behaved. this morning some critics call joe biden's frequent interpretations obnoxious or rude. as you can imagine this morning, both sides are claiming victory. here now to make sense of it all is stephen dennis, roll call white house's correspondent. thanks for coming in. >> good to be here. >> yesterday afternoon exciting baseball, exciting baseball tonight. and then we have this debate, which kind of goes right along with all the sporting events. very exciting, entertaining, i guess you could say as well.
7:34 am
>> i thought it was an entertaining debate. i thought joe biden did what he really needed to do, which was buck up the democratic base, which was disspiritted after president obama really failed to land a bunch of punches in last week's debate. the polls showed the democrats slipping. a lot of swing states started to swing over to romney. they needed a jolt of energy and it's what joe biden gave last night. some people say, can say he was too aggressive. but they absolutely could not have had another listless performance. they didn't get one. paul ryan, he had a difficult job. he had to both make a case for himself as a new person on the tional stage and i think he came into this thinking, i can't mess things up. the romney campaign had momentum and he didn't commit any big gaffes. >> if people are going to have
7:35 am
issues, it may be more about stylistic things with biden interrupting. but neither candidate seemed to make business mistakes, though i want to ask you about one thing in a little bit. did they both score points at various times? >> they both have things both parties can take a clip and say, hey, we scored here, we scored there. but i do think that for democrats, they were happy that biden came out punching so hard on a lot of the things the president failed to bring up last week, things like the 47% video, things like the tax plan really challenging ryan on the specifics and ryan had a hard time, couldn't really say how the plan is going to work. >> i want to show some clips, because it was a lot of interaction. first clip is the two talking about the romney/ryan tax plan. >> you can cut tax rates by 20% and still preserve the
7:36 am
preferences for taxpayers -- >> not mathematically possible. >> it is. it's been done before. >> it has never been done before. >> it's been done a couple of times actually. >> it has never been done before. >> >> now you're jack kennedy. >> what did you think of that exchange? >> i thought it was a good exchange, a sharp exchange. i think biden was, thought of that jack kennedy line and probably was thinking about it before he delivered it. it didn't really get to the meat of the question, though. the meat of the question is how do you pay for it? not that you say you're going to pay for it. and that's something that the romney/ryan ticket has had a hard time dealing with and the obama campaign has been zeroing in on. president obama didn't do a good job of zeroing in on that last week. that's something you'll hear the democrats keep hammering. there were other moments in the
7:37 am
debate, touching moments at the end where both sides had a talk about abortion. they were both catholic. interesting to see joe biden talk about it as somebody that believes abortion is wrong in his own life, but not going to force others to conform to that view. and paul ryan really sticking to his guns on abortion, saying that, you know, he doesn't think it's the right thing, and that's his view. i think, you know, the one thing i think was a problem for ryan, most of this debate, a lot of this debate was on foreign policy. and that's really more biden's strong suit than ryan's. but i think ryan generally held his own. there were a few moments where he had a little bit of difficulty saying how would you do thing differently in syria? what would be different in pakistan? >> speaking of foreign policy, and i want to let our control room know, i'm going to skip
7:38 am
the middle bite and go to the libya question. security in libya. want to show that ek change. >> if we are hit by terrorists, we're going to call it for what it is, a terrorist attack. our ambassador in paris has a marine detachment guarding him. shouldn't we have a marine guarding our ambassador in benghazi where we knew there was a terror cell with arms. >> we did not know they wanted more security again. and by the way, at the time we were told exactly, we said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they knew. >> this is one place in the debate where there were specifics from both sides, and the vice president gave a strong defense of saying what he said there. is this something that, given what's going on on capitol hill with the questions being raised about this, is this something there could be questions about and that could trip him up?
7:39 am
>> absolutely. absolutely. the problem for biden in that question is he's saying, well, we didn't know. but his administration knew. the state department was getting these requests for more security from libya and didn't provide that security. they pulled teams out of the country. the white house has acknowledged as of yesterday that they didn't have enough security on the ground and they're investigating it. but it does raise questions now of okay, well, why didn't the white house know there were requests for more security? the white house is in charge. not like the state department isity own entity. there's supposed to be coordination. that's one thing we learned after 9/11, there wasn't enough coordination between the white house and everybody. if they got bad intelligence for the week after this happened and the intelligence community was saying they thought it was a youtube video
7:40 am
and now we know it's not, that's a problem for the intelligence community. beyond the politics of this debate, that's an issue for the country going forward. >> steven dennis, thank you very much for your input this morning. we appreciate it. stay with us. we'll be back with more in just a moment. it's 7:40.
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we're back with your look at some of what's going on in the week ahead for the week of october 15, 2012. monday is a big day for virginia voters. it's the deadline for voter registration in the commonwealth. forms are available on the board of elections web page. over at george washington university, college democrats and republicans will be holding a joint watch party at 8:00 p.m. on tuesday. wednesday, october 17th, at 10:00 a.m., the aspen institute is hosting a forum on the future of school reform and asks if educators are thinking
7:44 am
big enough. and thursday, at the museum, a new documentary called "first freedom the fight for religious liberty." that starts at 7:00 p.m. and october 19th at 9:00 a.m., the national archives hosts its 26th annual preservation conference. this year looking at how to save american documents. that's your capital rundown for the week of october 15, 2012. check out our web site, or contact us on twitter hashtag capitalrundown. see you next week. 7:44. >> here's tucker. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> nice and cool. quite cool. some of the coolest temperatures so far this season at the moment. bring a jacket. even with temperatures in the mid-60s this afternoon, winds will pick up as we get a shot of cool air moving in later
7:45 am
tonight. 39 here in gaithersburg. 40 in baltimore. chilly temperatures start your day. cold front to the north and west. you can see the cloud cover starting to work through. what you'll really notice, we'll be looking at a lot of sunshine today. you'll notice the winds. they'll pick up out of the north and west and gust at times to 30 miles per hour. that's how you'll know the cold front is coming through, and the winds will be with us later this afternoon and tonight. going to the nationals' game, get ready for a cool one. your weekend forecast, lots of sunshine saturday and sunday. tomorrow in the 60s with high pressure overhead. that area of high pressure will start to retreat to the east by sunday, and a warmup around here. temperatures in the 60s tomorrow and back in the 70s, low 70s for the day on sunday as we get a warm front moving through. 65 today. lots of sunshine. breezy this afternoon and cold tonight. we have a freeze watch north and west of the 95 corridor here for early tomorrow morning. many of the temperatures will get close to freezing. weekend forecast, 72 by sunday
7:46 am
afternoon. >> 72. >> all right. good for the redskins. >> yes. >> thank you much. here's julie wright with an update on traffic. >> still very busy on the highways. outer loop of the beltway delays leaving 95 trying to get past colesville road. bw traffic in better shape now. no problems in laurel headed to the beltway. accident number three this morning, tying up the left lane before you reach the prince william parkway. traffic out of dale city north trying to get past this accident scene. still inbound on the pennsylvania avenue at the sousa bridge. traffic is able to get by single file only. delays from alabama avenue rolling down the hill. no trouble spots leaving duke street to the pentagon. that's a check of your on time
7:47 am
traffic. the late whitney houston's teenage daughter is engaged to her adopted brother. the news first came out in a promo clip for her new reality show "the houstons." the 19-year-old confirmed the reports yesterday, saying she will exchange vows with nick gordon, informally adopted by whitney when he was 11 years old. relatives aren't happy, calling the nature of their relationship unacceptable. >> can i say, that's sad. to me that's sad. >> i know. >> it's weird and you know, she's 19. >> there's a lot wrong with it. you know, she lost her mom and maybe she's trying to find her way. >> i know, but you don't have to get married. not to your brother. adopted brother. >> right. it's 7:47. coming up next, a fall transformation. >> holly is live at ed's plant
7:48 am
world with ways to spruce up your home. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i can only do fall sprucing if i have the garden guru, which i do. we have derek here. nothing beats fall flowers, mums, pumpkins. how do you arrange it and make it look good? derek will show us how next on fox 5 morning news. he's just waving to stay warm. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message. ♪ it's friday, friday, got to get down on friday ♪ you don't like the song? okay. time for our face book fan of the day. today we say hello to the very dashing melvin pitt, may i say, who earned the honor with a shout out on this amazing friday. he also wrote thanks to the fox 5 team for making it another fun week. is it our pleasure or is it our pleasure? >> it is our pleasure.
7:52 am
>> we love doing it. for your chance to be monday's fan of the day, log onto our facebook page and leave a comment under melvin's picture. this weekend the master guard eners at ed's plant world kicked off their fall extravaganza. >> what is the best way to transform your yard and planters using those delicious fall colors? holly has the answers from brandywine along with garden guru, derek thomas. good morning to you first, holly. >> reporter: good morning to you. the best way to do any transformation is check in with derek. ed's plant world, we love coming here because he brings us coffee on a cold fall morning. ed will join us later this morning to talk all about the extravaganza going on here this weekend. but right now, here, i'll hand that to you. >> wonderful. >> reporter: we'll say cheers to the fall season. let's talk about fall
7:53 am
decorating. this is a fun season. >> it's absolutely a fun time. the weather is trying to change. this year it's all about shabby chic. taking things in your house that might be more decorative. >> reporter: oh, chic. and making it shabby? >> yeah. because halloween and thanksgiving is a little bit more rustic, a little bit more shabby. >> reporter: i like it. >> taking a high-end vase, holly and adding gourds. go ahead and do that. >> reporter: these gourds aren't expensive. >> they're not. you can get three or four for a buck. it's a cool way to do it. you have instant centerpiece for when you're entertaining. >> reporter: you're right. this is the shabby part. i think the more gnarly they are, the cooler. >> and you've turned your vase into a cool centerpiece. >> reporter: love it. >> what about a little bit of pop at every guest that you have. i found this. this is really cool, because
7:54 am
it's got this whole spooky theme on there for halloween. pop a pansy in it, moss around it. instant centerpiece for each place setting. >> reporter: pops of pansy, love it. >> what we can do with this one is take moss. i love this moss. you can get this at any of the craft stores. put the moss down in there. put an ornamental cabbage in. >> reporter: so you leave it in its pot? >> yeah, leave it in its pocan have a couple of functions that you have going on, you can just change out the plant, and keep the moss fresh. >> reporter: i guess when you water, too, it would stay within -- >> yeah. you don't have to give them a lot of watering. taking a high-end table adornment that you may normally use and making it a bit rustic. the mosses have become very interesting. and you can get these in a pack like this. >> reporter: love the color. >> the color i thought was
7:55 am
perfect. giving it a little bit of interest there, and maybe giving it some of the gnarly gourds as you call it. instantly you have a great place setting. >> reporter: this works from halloween through thanksgiving. >> yeah. you can do it now with the halloween theme. the gourds will last for months. that's the great thing about them. and you can, say you've got a color theme for your party coming up, that's more spooky for halloween and a little bit more homely for when you're entertaining -- >> reporter: not homely. homey. >> homey. not homely. >> reporter: homely will work for halloween, too. [ no audio] 
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
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8:03 am
you got it, a national revival. it is in full effect. tonight is the game five against the cards. first pitch at 8:37. >> one of the team's aces, gio gonzalez takes the mound for the natses. jayson werth battled for 12 pitches and then on number 13 -- >> 3-2 and a drive hit deep to left field. looking up, way back, it's gone! [ cheers ] >> there it is, the walkoff homerun that made game five
8:04 am
possible. the dramatic victory is the team's first ever playoff win at nats' park. a lot of people had written them off after they had gotten blown out in games two and three. but not werth and the rest of the team. >> doesn't matter how much you lose or lose by. zero-zero start the next day. i knew the mentality we have and i knew it wouldn't get them down. >> that's the way it should have ended. he hadn't hit that many homeruns this year. >> game five is at 8:37 tonight. the winner will face the giants in the national league championship series. we are far from done with playoff fever this morning. coming up in about 30 minutes, we will go back out live to dave ross. he's at nats' park for more on the big win and tonight's elimination game. it was a fiery debate
8:05 am
between the vice presidential candidates. last night's faceoff in kentucky was lively. >> they traded shots on a wide range of issues. fox5's sherri ly joins us instudio with more now. >> vice president joe biden and the gop nominee paul ryan never let up. they attacked each other over a wide range of issues, showing sharp differences. they came out swinging from the start in a combative showdown. the 69-year-old biden needed a spark, with mitt romney gaining ground after last week's presidential debate. ryan wouldn't back down. they clashed over foreign and domestic policy. ryan said medicare and social security need to be reformed. he laid out his and romney's plans and slammed obama care, while biden attacked the congressman's plan to reform it. >> they want to wipe this all out. it also gave more benefits. any senior ask yourself, do you
8:06 am
have more benefits today? you do. you have $600 more to help your prescription drug costs. wellness visits without copays. they wipe this out and medicare becomes insolvent in 2016. >> give young people guaranteed options you can't be denied, including traditional medicare. choose your plans and medicare subsidizes your people. total out of pocket coverage for poor and the sick. we would rather have 50 million future seniors determine how their medicare is delivered to them, instead of 15 bureau accurates deciding what, if, where they get it. >> they interrupted one another throughout the debate. but both sides seemed confidence in their performance, with president obama saying biden was terrific, and likewise, romney called ryan and congratulated him on his performance. while this is the only debate scheduled for the vice presidential candidates, president obama and governor romney will debate two more
8:07 am
times before the november election. the next one is on tuesday. and let's see if that one is as good as this 11. >> thanks so much. president obama doesn't have any campaign events scheduled today, except for attending a dinner. mitt romney is speaking at a rally in richmond after noon. and he atends with paul ryan tonight in ohio at a campaign event. new this morning, there is a new nobel peace prize winner. it's not a person, but a whole governing body. the award is going to the european union. the nobel committee says the eu, "helped to transform a once torn europe to a continent of war to a continent of peace." it was founded with just six countries and expanded to 27 since the end of the cold war.
8:08 am
the committee played down the current debt crisis plaguing the eu. a muslim advocacy group will launch its own ad campaign in response to the anti-jihad ads put up in metro stations. the group says the new ads will promote understanding and challenge hate towards the muslim religion. developing this morning, a minnesota woman who says she received the tainted steroid injection linked to a nationwide meningitis outbreak is suing the pharmacy that made it. she has not yet been diagnosed, but did have a headache and nausea afterwards. she's seeking an unidentified amount of damages and filed a class action lawsuit for others who became ill. so far, the outbreak has sickened 170 people and killed 14. in its prime, the shuttle
8:09 am
"endeavour" flew around earth at 17,000 miles per hour. faster than a speeding bullet. >> right now, it's crawling through los angeles traffic at about 2 miles per hour. still ahead at 8:00, we'll show you the shuttle's long slow journey to its final resting place. >> and some out of this world news from mars. the exciting finding that scientists are sharing about a rock that the curiosity rover has been checking out. 8:09. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] presidenet obama says he's creating jobs, but he's really creating debt. the facts are clear. obama's four deficits are the four largest in us history.
8:10 am
he's adding almost as much debt as all 43 previous presidents -- combined. and over 30 cents of every dollar obama spends is borrowed. much of it from countries like china. he's not just wasting money, he's borrowing it and then wasting it. we can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
8:11 am
take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going.
8:12 am
but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. the suspects in the violent robbery and attack of a man back in august are due in court today. the wife of the im will come face to face with the suspect. the victim himself continues to recover in the hospital. he's undergone multiple surgeries. also today, metro will hold off on starting weekend track work until the nats' game lets out.
8:13 am
work was set to begin at 10:00 tonight. but that will be delayed until the system clears out. there will be a single tracking on parts of the red and green lines. if there is a game on sunday, metro will work early -- will end work early to assure there are no delays for fans getting to the game. >> very good. finally, starting today, thousands of people will pound the pavement as part of the susan g. komen annual three-day for the cure event. the 60-mile walk began at the d.c. armory early this morning. it will end sunday at the washington monument. always a great event. >> yes, it is. we want to get a check on weather, and a little bonus, of course. yes, the cuteness factor of the day. tucker. >> time for my first 5 photo of the day. and this is, allison, help me.
8:14 am
2-year-old kyre and his beautiful sister, ava. ava is just over a month old. >> how sweet is that picture? >> that's wonderful. i hope they are always that close. >> i know it. and loving and, oh, it's just the best. beautiful girls. or kids. >> send us your child's picture at and click on mornings. i feel like i need to whisper, because we have a sleeping baby here. >> i know. beautiful, i love it. >> if you're headed out, bring along a jacket. cool temperatures. if you'll be participating this weekend in the susan g. komen walk, you'll want to consider a coat tomorrow morning as our temperatures across parts of the area close to freezing tomorrow morning, believe it or not. 39 # now in gaithersburg. 43 leonardtown. 37 in manassas. looking at our satellite radar, cold front coming through. you can see the cloud cover. it's not going to be a perfectly sunny day, but partly to mostly sunny and should be dry for us. winds will pick up a little
8:15 am
later this afternoon behind this front out of the northwest, gusting, believe it or not, to about 30 miles per hour. so two things will go on tonight, going to the nationals' game, chilly with temperatures in the 40s and a bit of a breeze. later tonight our temperatures are really going to bottom out. in fact, close enough to freezing that we have a freeze watch posted for areas generally just to the north and west of 95. montgomery county, howard county, north central maryland, parts of west virginia under a freeze watch early tomorrow morning. the warning here is you have tender vegetation, now is the time to think about bringing it inside or covering it up as you could see a very abrupt end to your growing season if that temperature gets below freezing tonight. weekend forecast, 63 tomorrow. 72 on sunday. and next week temperatures look like they will be where they should be in the low 70s. that's weather. let's do some traffic. one of the nats' biggest fans, julie wright, who is excited
8:16 am
about tonight's game. >> i know! again, it's just excitement. it couldn't be better. it's friday night, feel good friday. i got a good feeling about this, tucker. can't wait to talk to you about it monday. lanes open traveling inbound new york avenue leaving northeast to northwest. we have delays from bentwood parkway past florida. checking for a crash northeast along north capital street at riggs road. lanes are open if you are continuing along south capital street. no problems to report. inbound pennsylvania' sousa bridge, two lanes available for you. a crash in the process of being cleared. dupont circle accident cleared. i-95 cleanup cleared northbound on i-95 before the prince william parkway. delays improving now from dale city. that's a check of your fox 5 on-
8:17 am
time traffic. thank you. last night's vice presidential debate is the big topic this week on fox news sunday. chris wallace of course is the host of the show. i got to ask you, first, how about them nats, chris? >> oh, my gosh. i was about to go on the air with shepherd smith at 7:00 last night. and i literally turned -- i was listening to him in my ear, but i was watching the nats and i saw the walkoff homerun. so exciting and i can't wait for tonight. >> i know it. we got that out of the way. let's talk about politics. the debate last night, how do you think it went? >> i think on substance, i can see -- i think it was a close call. and i can see, depending on your political point of view, thinking biden won or ryan won. i think they each had the edge in different issues. i thought the substance, rather the style, biden's over the top grimaces and smirking and eye rolling and some of the things
8:18 am
he said about malarkey, that's a bunch of stuff, i just thought it was disrespectful and rude. i think that his performance probably is going to turn on and reenergize the democratic base, which i think was down after obama's performance last week. but i think it may turn off some of the independent voters who don't like that kind of political cut and thrust. >> you're going deeper into it with two heavy hitters on the democratic and republican side, some big time strategists. >> we're going to have two of the top advisors in this campaign. obama campaign, david axelrod, and for the romney campaign, dave gillespie. next week, the next presidential debate. debates past and future on fox news sunday. >> the debate started off with libya, and in that conversation
8:19 am
tony talked about it earlier, we had someone here sort of dissecting the facts and what's true and not, and the vice president made the comment, we didn't know they wanted extra security there. how big of an issue was that and did you find it interesting the moderator started with libya last night? >> no, because martha raddatz is the foreign policy correspondent. i think she wanted to start off with that since it wasn't talked about in the first debate. when biden said, we didn't know, we meaning him or the president, what we do know, absolutely, because it was repeatedly referred to in a congressional hearing on tuesday is the fact that the people on the ground in libya repeatedly requested greater security and in fact, one of them was so frustrated by the turn downs by the state
8:20 am
department, he said he felt like the biggest problem was dealing with the them. >> before we let you go, we have something for you. happy birthday to you, chris wallace. ♪ [ happy birthday song ] >> thank you. i'm going to kill whoever on my staff told you about it, but that was sweet. >> thank you for joining us today. see you sunday. >> thanks, allison. >> you can catch the show sunday morning after the 9:00 after fox 5 morning news. tony? >> hopefully the nats will give him a win tonight for his birthday. 8:20 now. a slow crawl to retirement. up next, we'll check in on the space shuttle "endeavour"'s final journey. >> and later, a fall makeover for your home and garden. holly is live in brandywine with our garden expert, derek thomas. we'll be right back. [ barack obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
8:21 am
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8:23 am
the space shuttle "endeavour" is on the move this morning, embarking on its final mission. >> the retired space craft is making the 12-mile trip from lax to the california science center where it will go on display. it's being pulled over city
8:24 am
streets over the next two days. crews have cleared hundreds of trees. i'm sure some are not thrilled with that. also closed sidewalks. at some intersections we're told the room to spare is just 6 inches. wow. >> why are we doing that? >> that's kind of cool. >> okay. >> yeah. good way to see it. >> you're right. up close. the first rock touched by nasa's curiosity rover on mars is turning out to be more unusual than scientists expected. the researchers say the football sized rock is unlike others seen on the planet. it contains more sodium and potassium and is more like volcanic rock seen on earth in places like hawaii. how about the fact it looks like a pyramid? >> how about the fact it looks like somebody maybe carved it? >> yeah, that would add to its mystery. >> i'd say. it will cost a little more to mail a letter next year.
8:25 am
the postal service is raising rates starting january 27th. the price goes up a penny to 46 cents. did you know how much it even was these days? >> a penny? >> it adds up. shipping prices such as priority mail will rise by an average of 4%. the postal service expects to still lose a record $15 billion this year. still ahead in our next half hour, dave ross joins us live from nats park with a look back at that season saving swing and a look ahead to tonight's decisive game five. and the fans already lining up for tickets. >> it is 8:25. you're watching fox 5 morning news on a friday morning. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. [ female announcer ] but this is what the budget plan mitt romney supports actually does. more huge tax breaks skewed to the wealthy. while cutting nearly eight hundred billion from medicaid... even though middle-class families rely on medicaid
8:26 am
to help loved ones cover nursing-home care. and it helps parents support children with disabilities. if mitt romney really "cares," wouldn't we see it in his priorities?
8:27 am
8:28 am
making headlines at home and around the world, a 4-year- old montgomery county boy is recovering this morning after falling out of a ninth floor
8:29 am
apartment window. this happened yesterday at the park montgomery complex. police say a window screen gave way and the boy fell about 90 feet. luckily, a tree broke his fall. police say he was alert and talking in the ambulance. they are now questioning the boy's mother as to whether he was being watched or home alone at the time. rebels in syria say they cut off the capital from the biggest city of aleppo last night and this morning they claim to have taken an air base. also, tensions between russia and turkey are growing after turkey forced a syrian plane to land in the capital. there are reports the russian plane was carrying military communications equipment, jammers, and missile parts. this was a commercial aircraft. >> wow. that's scary. >> yes, it is. it's 8:29 now. lighten it up a little bit, talk about weather. because it's okay. >> friday and a lot of sunshine
8:30 am
across the area. we'll take it. will be chilly later this afternoon, particularly night. >> cold tonight really. >> a lot of sweatshirts today. might want to bring a light coat. >> nothing wrong with that. >> graduated version of the sweatshirt later. chilly at game time. game time at 8:37. air temperature likely to be very close to 50 degrees for first pitch. with a pretty good breeze, blowing, too. the temperature will be falling into the 40s. i think by the end of the game probably mid-40s believe it or not, as we're expecting our coldest air of the season to arrive later tonight. i know i've said that a couple of times the past few weeks. seriously, it will be cold again tonight. currentlily, 48 in washington. temperature hasn't budged a lot. 46 leonardtown. warming up off to the north and west. had a lot of 30s overnight. 37 in manassas. 41 at dulles with a lot of sunshine. we're generally going to be looking at sunshine today. got a cold front north and we us a little cloud cover at the moment. will bring us a few more clouds
8:31 am
later this afternoon. the trend will be mostly sunny and it should be dry around here. that's the other good news. nice dry day. as we get into the afternoon hours, our wind will pick up out of the north and west. will be gusty around here. forecast to gust to 30 miles per hour this afternoon. with air temperatures in the mid-60s, it will feel cool when the wind picks up. the temperatures will get a chance to bottom out tonight. a freeze watch off to the north and west of the city here for tomorrow morning. here's your accu weather seven- day forecast, 65 later this afternoon. check out how cold we are tonight. overnight low will be 39 degrees in town. and once again, let me emphasize, much of the area north and west of the city in the low 30s tomorrow morning. tender vegetation, bring it in or cover it up. week looks great. highs by sunday in the low 70s. we'll keep generally dry conditions early next week. maybe showers monday. that's a look at the weather forecast. tony, back to you.
8:32 am
all right, tucker, thank you very much. as we told you at the top of the hour, game five of the national's division series gets underway tonight. we turn it over to dave ross. >> hey, dave. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison. it's all about the numbers. are you ready for this? the 9th inning of the tenth month of the 11th day of the 12th year of the 13th pitch. that's how it all went down. pretty good, right? take a look at how it went down. this was an epic at-bat for jayson werth. the best at bat in nats' history. bottom of the 9th. tied at one. takes a strikes on strike two. he's down 0-2. he looks at a ball. now it's 1-2. pitch number four, and that's upstairs.
8:33 am
it's 2-2. werth goes into full battle mode. fouls off pitch number five. fouls off pitch number six. he's are 95, 96, 97-mile-per- hour fast balls. fighting it off, staying alive like the bee gees. 11th pitch, he'll do what he does and look at a ball. then pitch number 12, he's going to foul off. sets the stage for pitch number 13, and he got all of it. into the bullpen, there it goes. a walk off homerun, the first win at home in nats' playoff history. what a way to end it. jayson werth talks about this monumental moment. >> tough. got a good hitter. we faced him a lot over
8:34 am
september and in the series. i think he threw a hook 2-2 to get to 3-2. finally got one to hit. >> reporter: fans have been standing in line upwards of four hours. i see you're rocking the red, right? >> hopefully we get back on the ice. now the nats are winning. town is abuzz. haven't seen this action since the redskins '91 super bowl run. i'm a huge redskins fan and nats fan. >> reporter: what's going to happen tonight, vince? >> hopefully won't be too dramatic. hopefully we'll jump out on top. 12-0. >> reporter: 12-0 for vince! these people waiting in line all morning. tickets going on sale, standing room only at 10:00. some people have been here as early as 6:00 a.m. they are waiting in line to see
8:35 am
some history tonight. the nats trying to get it done in game five. 8:37is first pitch. back to you in the studio for now. >> dave, when you get the chance, can you ask some of those people what excuses are they using for not being at work on time this morning? >> reporter: how are you guys getting out of work? >> i'm retired. >> reporter: see, that's the way you do it. you work your whole life so you can stand here to get those tickets. not a bad way to go. >> i like it. >> if you were watching game four on tv last night, like most of us were, you missed one of the best radio calls in modern nats' history. couple that with one of the best pictures today.
8:36 am
>> deep left field, going, going! [ applause ] >> season saving homerun for jayson werth. the nationals have won the game, 2-1! unbelievable! >> isn't that great? >> that's great. >> charlie with the call, 106.7 the fan fm. >> awesome. that picture is the best. marking 50 years of the rolling stones. >> yep. let me tell you something, if you're a rolling stones fan, you'll want to see this. we'll get a look at the new e- book, "mick and keith never stop." fascinating stuff. we'll be right back. ai. he's taking us backwards.
8:37 am
george allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:38 am
a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice.
8:39 am
for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message. big bird has been one of the biggest political stories since last week's debate. now halloween stores are cashing in. a costume wholesaler in california says since mitt romney name dropped the sesame street character during last week's debate, orders have been flying in. the retail range is between 40 and 100 bucks. store owners say because of
8:40 am
demand, they might go even higher. it's cute. three years after getting out of jail, michael vick is a dog owner once again. the eagles' quarterback admitted he had a pet after tweeting out this picture of his daughter with a box of milk bones on the table. in a statement vick acknowledged the strong emotions some people would feel about his decision to care for a pet. but he says it's important to make sure his children develop a healthy relationship with animals. he served 18 years in prison for his role in a dog fighting ring. he has worked with the humane society to speak out against animal cruelty. it's a friday morning. coming up next, marking 50 years of the rolling stones. we'll sit down with author rona elliott. >> it's feeling like fall now. it's time to look like it as well. holly? >> reporter: you're exactly right, tony. in fact, we are live this morning at ed's plant world in
8:41 am
brandywine. we are shopping the nursery. it's a perfect time to buy fall plants. it's also a great time to get in on spring and summer plant action. we've got garden grow with derek thomas live on location this morning. some good planted news you can use coming up next. stay with us. take away his toys and he'll playay with a stick. take away their bikes and theyey'll still find a way to gt where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses.
8:42 am
priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:43 am
under the president's policies, middle income americans have been buried. they're just being crushed. middle-income americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. this is a tax in and of itself. i'll call it the economy tax. i'm not going to raise taxes on anyone. my plan is to bring down rates to get more people working. my priority is putting people back to work in america.
8:44 am
i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. ♪ they started out as the bad boys of rock and roll, an amazing 50 years ago. it's the 21st century now, so the leaders of the rolling stones are being celebrated in a modern way, with an e-book dedicated that their careers. it's called "mick and keith never stop" and it's written by rona elliott. rona is here in studio with us this morning. i am so thrilled you are here. many people who are watching know you from your many years
8:45 am
on "the today show." >> and many people know you from good morning america. >> you were the music correspondent. you met everybody. >> everybody. >> did these wonderful pieces and interviews. >> thank you. >> i got to do a lot of that kind of stuff. it was watching what you did that influenced me. this is fascinating. you've had a long relationship with the rolling stones. >> yes. >> and with mick and keith in particular. >> we're going to do a show and tell, and you're going to see the first ticket. no one would go with me. cost five dollars in 1965. you can manipulate the ticket and see it. five dollars. and i went alone. >> we have some clips that show some of the pictures and everything in the book. we'll show some of what you've got as well. this is what's fascinating
8:46 am
about this. it is an e-book. we're not talking about -- >> right. >> -- a coffee table book. >> enhanced is the word. here's a little show and tell. >> which camera do you want to show? camera one. >> so you can play video. you can close it and now i'm going to press keith. keith is going to speak. and so enhanced means there's embedded video. >> that's great. >> all the photos you can make larger and smaller. here i am, don't laugh, 1965. granny glasses. >> very cool. >> press the button. go to the mechanics page. here are the first album for the first show i went to see them. the images can be manipulated on your ipad. there are other formats. you can get amazon, barnes and nobles, itunes, it's all
8:47 am
manipulatable. >> obviously there's a lot of text where you're telling the stories. >> right. >> about their influence -- >> and our generation's life along with the stones. i assume you're around my age. never a time in my life past 15, where the stones weren't a part it. they'll be 70 next year, mick and keith. >> incredible. >> that is shocking. >> why do you think the stones have been able to hang around and still be -- are they still relevant, let me ask you that? >> i think they are, because their influence is everywhere. i think at the end of the day, long after people know about mick and keith's gossip, who they were sleeping with, whether or not they did drugs, people will be discussing the music. it's about the music. in the end it will be about the music. it will be about satisfaction and give me shelter and angie and let it bleed. it won't be about their personalities. john and paul, we won't know,
8:48 am
even the beach boys, they split up early. mick and keith put everything else aside and it was about the music. it's why they're still relevant. every stage show that you go see, every great rock and roll show was influenced by the spectacle that the stones have delivered and originated. that's why they're still around. >> keith in particular, doesn't necessarily enjoy the interview process sometimes. but they really got on with you. why is that? >> well, i think they do. this interview with keith, he was 46 years old. they were both 46. they were boeing on fire. mick, as you'll see is dressed formally. keith had just rolled out of his boat. no shoes on. inside out t-shirt. you could smell him coming a mile away. they were relaxed. they had achieved what they set out to do. had the biggest ticket sales in their history. been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. they lived their dream.
8:49 am
so i got them at a moment, and why these interviews were so fantastic to me, is they're relaxed and enjoying it. they say, we did it, we what we said we'd do. not every band, so many have perished along the way. these guys did it. >> if you're a rolling stones fan, this is really cool. enhanced e-book, mick and keith and stop. is there going to be an actual -- >> no. >> no, just the -- >> just the enhanced e-books. >> available in all platforms? >> all platforms, amazon, barnes nobles. i have teenagers, pass this on. >> tomorrow 2:30 in documentary
8:50 am
theater for a signing. come back again some time. appreciate it. >> allison, back to you. tony thank you. while the leaves may be beginning to fall, it is not too soon to start planning for next year. this morning we're learning about the next fall plant, plus how to get your garden organized again for next year. holly morris is live in brandywine with the grand master of gardening him, derek thomas. >> reporter: he is. i think the garden god is what i heard him call himself. i don't know. she said you were the grand master. >> the garden god was a misspeak. >> reporter: or was it, derek? you tell me. >> it was, it was. >> reporter: we are talking, fall is a great time to come to a place like ed's plant world and do shopping. >> absolutely. >> reporter: not only for now, but also next spring and summer. >> and also speaking of that, that was a misspeak, because
8:51 am
i'm on twitter, and it's thomasgardenguy. >> reporter: guy. not garden god. >> follow me on twitter, and you can find out great things about things like fall planting. in a nursery this time of year, you'll find a lot of really great specials. >> reporter: why is that? because the plants are dying? >> no. the nurseries are making room, because they have stuff that's going to go, like christmas trees coming in and things like that. >> reporter: like a car lot. they have to move the cars out because the new models are coming in? >> move out inventory. and also, sometimes they don't want to house them for the whole season. so when you think about things like a wonderful japanese maple, this japanese maple is going to be giving you its fall foilage now. this is a great time to plant plants, because the soil is warm. there's enough moisture in the air. you can see the moisture on the leaves on this plant. we did not water this. this is just actual moisture that happened overnight.
8:52 am
it's the dew. the plants really appreciate that. and your roots are getting geared up for next season, like you said, next year the plants are going to start out of the gate full speed ahead. >> reporter: right. >> if you get them in the ground now. do the proper amending of the soil. also make sure that you give it proper fertilization and with things like roses, this time of year people say, well, can i put in a rose now? absolutely. one thing you want to make sure when putting in a rose is that you work the soil twice as wide as the container it's in. amend it with a compost. don't go deeper than the container. plant the rose with the crown, that's the union of the graft, plant that at the same height that it is and don't do any pruning to the roses this time of the year. >> reporter: prune in the
8:53 am
spring? >> prune actually in winter time once the rose is dormant. >> reporter: what about the frost? >> the roses are completely cold hardy. you want to make sure they get a good start on the roots. a lot of what's going on in the fall we don't see, because it's about healthy root growth. then there's ornamentals. there are some really great berry plants that you can put in now that's going to give you a lot of color in your fall landscape, and those berries, it's almost like they perform. it's a holly. >> reporter: oh, stop it. hollies always perform well. >> they all perform well. this one, the purple one is a beauty berry, which is a beautiful, beautiful plant. until the mockingbirds find them, they will be fabulous in your garden. >> reporter: how long will the berries be on there? >> will last the next month or so. >> reporter: i like that. >> once hungry birds start foraging -- and it's an odd
8:54 am
color in the landscape, that purple. >> reporter: right. >> and we have this great shrub. this keeps the leaves all year long and you get this wonderful pink blossom. so not only can you get things that are special this time of the year as far as pricing goes, you can also get plants that are special plants to add to your landscape. one other thing i want to tell the viewers is that with any of your coniferous ever greens, like this leyland cypress here or the junipers, make sure you take the time to plant it properly, like we just discussed, but also look for a product like wilt proof. it protects the plant from wind burn. one of the biggest things that can get to our cold hardy plants in the winter is the high wind. >> reporter: do they make wilt proof for people, too? >> they should. >> reporter: i could use a
8:55 am
little wilt proof. is our web site. we have a link to ed's plant world. they are having their fall extravaganza this weekend. we'll talk more about that in our next hour. don't forget about our garden god. i mean, our garden guy. he's tweeting -- >> it's thomasgardenguy. >> reporter: tweetaway. more fall time fun in our next hour. thank you. >> coming up in our next hour, nats' fans waiting tonight's elimination game. we'll check in again with dave ross. >> from the nats to the skins, meet two local guys who created the rap about rg3 and the skins. we'll be right back. ♪ i said dallas fans be quiet ♪
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♪ can you feel it ♪ right now at 9:00 we asked yesterday and we'll say it again, can you feel it? a walkoff homerun by jayson werth ties the nats and the cards. this morning, look at this, fans already in line hoping to get their hands on tickets to tonight's elimination game. dave ross has the latest live from nationals park. ♪ can you feel it ♪ hard to believe there's other news going on. >> quite the day yesterday. >> we'll have a look at last night's fiesty vice presidential debate. plus, what happens if a nominee concedes before the election? the answer is coming up in today's ask allison at 9:15. >> that is interesting stuff. also, the nats are on fire and so are some cowboys jerseys in this video. the video was created by two local guys who made their own rg3 rap. they're here to perform

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